Jen Craft PT, DPT

Hi there! My name is Jen and I am a Physical Therapist,  bike fitter, Pilates instructor, and movement fanatic.



I have a passion for helping others live active, health lives. I integrate manual therapy techniques, such as spine mobilization and trigger point release, in my treatments to address musculoskeletal dysfunction throughout the body. My experience as a Pilates instructor complements my clinical skills and allows me to develop a strength and stabilization based home exercise program for each of my clients, setting you up to return to sport and pain-free daily activity. 

I am also a certified BikePT Silver bike fitter. I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the pleasure of riding a bike without pain or aggravation. I have a strong focus on women's health PT for the active female athlete of all levels and abilities. For further information on women's health and pelvic floor PT please reach out through the form below.

I am currently available to work with clients on an individual basis for PT and/or medical bike fitting at Endurance PDX in North Portland. Contact below to discuss private Pilates instruction. I would also love to lead group workshops or do speaking engagements. Previous topics include Anatomy for Pilates and Injury Modifications for Pilates Instructors. 



Extremely competent, knowledgeable and friendly! I worked with Jen for PT on my knee from cycling issues, and not only did I learn how to properly strengthen muscles to help my knee, she also provided the perfect advice for addressing my cycling form, even though I wasn’t there for a bike fit!
— Barbara B.
I scheduled my first appointment here after developing ITBS on a cross country bike tour. I’ve been working with Jen Craft ever since to speed up my recovery so that I can return to touring ASAP.

At every appointment Jen has been very attentive to me and my needs and she never saddled me with routines that I could otherwise do at home during our sessions. Thats not to say that there wasn’t homework for me to do on my own end.

I also received a bike fit which was performed by analyzing my riding with two cameras from the front and profile. Jen was able to determine exactly what my body was doing and how we could adjust the bike to address any issues frame by frame from multiple angles. Very neat stuff!

I would definitely recommend Endurance Cycling Studio for any cyclist looking to address an injury, chronic or acute.
— Eric O.



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