"No Haterade, Have Some Gatorade!"

I love the Flying Pig SO MUCH (as evidenced here and here). There is so much inspiration to be found in witnessing thousands of amazing people strut their stuff together outside early in the morning for a good cause. My favorite weekend in Cincinnati will always be Reds Opening Day Weekend, but Flying Pig Weekend is a close second.

Saturday afternoon leading into Sunday morning's Flying Pig Marathon was a roller coaster of frequent weather.com app checking and laying out of ponchos and rain compatible gear. The forecast was calling for thunderstorms, then just rain, then maybe the rain would hold off until 10am?. Ultimately we really couldn't have asked for better weather - just a little drizzle between 5-6am and then clear skies and sunshine the rest of the day.

My plan for FP 16 was to start my day at 4:30 am at the mile 4 water stop, helping with set up (so many cups to be stacked full of water and Gatorade!) and hydrating the masses. My friend Heather works at Paycor, this year's half marathon sponsor and host of the mile 4 water stop. Heather has volunteered at mile 4 for at least the past 3 Flying Pigs and was kind enough to show me the ropes of filling cups and how to do the proper cup-to-runner hand off.  Once Brian would run through on his half marathon journey I would lovingly gift him a cup of the 'ade, stick around a little longer (but unfortunately not long enough to hydrate Dhani Freaking Jones), then hop on my bike to ride to OTR and catch him at mile 11 ish. All of this worked according to plan and I was able to cheer and receive enthusiastic and sweaty High 5s from plenty of flying piggies. From OTR I broke all of the city's cycling laws and made my way down to the Banks for the race finish line.

Brian set a new PR for the half marathon (congrats B!) and I finally fulfilled the plan that I've talked about for at least the last 5 years - to bike along the route and cheer on the runners and walkers. 

Jen CraftComment