It's Flying Pig Week! A roundup of race week tips

Pigs will be flying next weekend as the 18th annual Flying Pig Marathon takes on the Seven Hills (or at least a few - I'm looking at you Gilbert Hill) of the Queen City. I have so much admiration for the runners and walkers who sign up for a spring race that starts it's training season in the darkest days of Midwestern winter. It's dark before and after work! You're nostrils and eyes are going to form ice crystals! How do you not slip on the ice and break your leg with every stride?! 

If you haven't picked up on it yet, I am not running next weekend. I will be downtown though, handing out water and sticky cups of gatorade at mile 4, as well as cheering on my husband as he runs his 3rd Flying Pig Half Marathon (go Brian!). Whether it's the 5k, or the full 26.2, BEST OF LUCK to all of you flying piggies this weekend!!! Here are some links to guide you through the next week as you prepare for your race...

How to exercise the week before your event. Cheers to cross-training!

I remember carb loading like a boss the day before I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2013 - it was fantastic. The right way to carbo-load before a race.

More food advice, including ideas for race day breakfast. 

Fascinating neuroscience on the mind-clearing magic of running.

A PTs guide to post-race recovery.

For some laughs: The 35 best signs from the NYC marathon.