For 2016, Choose Adventure

My mantra for the 2016 has been decided: choose adventure. It's easy for me to settle into a routine where I'm not challenging myself or encouraging growth and change. This year I'm planning to choose the path more adventurous whenever there's a literal or metaphorical fork in the road. I'm choosing to invest in my Pilates education with the BASI ProBridge program in the coming weeks. Brian and I are looking for more ways to DIY the improvements around our house and yard, rather than outsourcing them for convenience. Throwing on hats, gloves and scarves and hitting the hiking trails on a winter's day is much more adventurous than a Netflix binge (Netflix is still happening, just reserved for the end of a full day of being active and/or during sick days. I'm not crazy!). Adventures can be grand -camping in our National Parks, something B and I have done the past 2 summers, or simple - tackling a recipe for thai curry. My main motivation is to slow this year down and enjoy the journey a little bit more. 

I hope this holiday season was good to you and you have been able to come up with plans and goals of your own. Cheers to a new year!

Jen CraftComment