BASI ProBridge Foundation Weekend

Finally, literally YEARS in the making, I have begun my BASI Pilates journey!

Last month I flew to DC for the first ever East Coast BASI Pilates ProBridge Program. I know that's a mouthful, so let me break it down:
BASI is an international leader in Pilates education. There are currently BASI teacher training programs in the US, Europe, Aussie and Asia. There are a lot of things that I love about BASI, which I'm sure I'll cover in the next year as I go through my training. One of my big likes is that BASI has a ProBridge program for qualified Pilates Professionals. Basically, if you are already a Pilates instructor and meet the prerequisites you can take an accelerated course of study that zips right through the basics that every good and legit Pilates instructor should already have a handle on - anatomy, form, safety, giving cues, etc. The ProBridge program teaches you how to grow your existing Pilates practice into a BASI Pilates practice, opening you up to the amazing community that BASI has created, again, world wide. Have you ever been on a trip and wanted to check out a local Pilates studio but you're not sure if you'd understand the technique or style at a given studio? The great thing about BASI is the practice is consistent studio to studio, so you can look online for a BASI studio wherever you are and know that you're going to be able to jump right in without all of those awkward moments (neutral vs imprinted? audible exhale?). 

There are 2 weekends in the ProBridge Program: Foundation and Comprehensive Apparatus Programs. Here are my top 3 take-aways from the Foundation Apparatus Program (FAP): 

1. BASI is Science. BASI takes the science of the practice seriously. They are not afraid to break from tradition to make the exercises more practical and safe for the practitioner. For example, they edit the cues and breathing patterns for different choreography based on what is going to produce the most optimal movement of the diaphragm. I love the willingness to adapt with the research. 

2. Just because they know how to evolve does not mean that BASI is watering down the Pilates practice. No BASI is not classical Pilates, but I'd say I like it even more because of that. Did you know that the first reformers had the headrest fixed into neck flexion? Can you imagine doing short spine like that?! Pilates in general has evolved over the years and I got the feeling that Rael at BASI is continuously considering the anatomy and physiology of movement and how he can better our cues and posture to optimize the work. 

3. Pilates Interactive is going to be my life saver. The ProBridge program does include the 6 apparatus and study guide notebooks but who can lug those around through the week while writing classes? Almost daily I find myself on Pilates Interactive to solidify my cues and emphasis on each exercise. I can absolutely see the value of this resource.  

If you're considering a Pilates teach training program please feel free to get in touch, I'd love to talk about all of the things I'm loving at BASI already. 

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