"and all at once
       summer collapsed into fall"

-Oscar Wilde

With perfect timing summer turned to fall right in line with October 1st. The change in seasons naturally inspires me to edit and reset my goals for the upcoming months. I admit that I am TERRIBLE at setting long term goals. I have always hated that goal-setting question "where do you see yourself in 1/5/10 years?". I can barely see myself 6 months from now! I would love to have someone analyze what's at the root of this almost fear of mine. 
Nevertheless, setting goals gives a degree of self-accountability, and putting them on the web makes them even more real. SO here are a handful of things that I'm working on in the self-improvement category:

-PR in a 5k. The Run Like Hell is in 3 weeks and I would LOVE to finally break 30 minutes in a 5k. I'm a little worried about the race being in the evening and I am definitely a morning workout/running person. I'm hoping that the adrenaline rush will kick in and I'll be able to meet my goal. Brian always runs sub-30 5ks so he is going to help pace me. 

-Improve my efficiency with snack and meal planning and prepping. I am starting to really get the hang of making hearty salads that can be eaten throughout the week. Kale salads can be dressed, put in the fridge, and still taste great 2-3 days in. My favorite combo lately is inspired by the salad bar at Whole Foods: kale + quinoa + dried cherries and raisins + walnuts +  a dressing of orange and lemon juice plus good EVOO. The dried fruits soak up the dressing and are little flavor bursts, distracting from the fact that I'm eating kale. Win!

-Budget wisely. I'm still paying off my student loans from my undergraduate and doctorate degrees. I'm still paying A LOT every month. I want to really dig into investigating ways that I can funnel more money towards paying these beasts off earlier than expected. It's amazing how much debt can affect my mental state and overall feelings about myself. Paying off my student loan debt will be so invigorating, I can't wait for the day! 

What goals are on your list this season?

Jen CraftComment