FP 15 Relay for the Win!

I ran on my first marathon relay team last weekend and I'm in love! I covered the second leg of the Flying Pig on Sunday - 5.16 miles of hills (7 hills total, I counted!) from Eden Park to Wasson Way in Hyde Park. The weather couldn't have been better at 7:30 am when my teammate passed me the baton and the crowds were so much fun and encouraging. I think the best part for me about the relay was the lack of pressure to run at a set pace. I stopped for the port-o-let when I had to pee, I came to a halt when I found a kind stranger with a similar sense of humor to mine cheering with a Ron Swanson sign, and I chomped on twizzlers and peppermint patties just because they were there and I could! I'm not sure I've ever smiled more while running in my life. 

Jen CraftComment