BASI ProBridge in 2016

It's been an exciting month for me professionally! I have officially taken the leap and registered for the  BASI Pilates ProBridge Program in Denver 2016. ProBridge is a teacher training program for current Pilates professionals who wish to further their training in the BASI method of Pilates. It's been a goal of mine for some time to formally train comprehensively on all of the Pilates equipment as currently I am only formally trained on the mat and reformer. I plan to talk later in depth about my ultimate choice to go with BASI ProBridge over the extensive offering of other training programs out there.

Core is Cincinnati's only ALL BASI studio where Cydney has set the standard that all of her instructors are trained through the BASI method, and as preparation for my first ProBridge weekend in January I have been taking private sessions on each piece of apparatus at the studio. So far I'm realizing that I COMPLETELY underestimated the power of the Cadillac - the work you can produce in the lats and back extensors is amazing. I can't wait to build my own practice on each apparatus as well as watch my clients progress towards their goals. 

Jen CraftComment