Tips for Keeping Fit Over the Holidays


I am 100% in favor of "everything in moderation" - cookies, hot chocolates, and all of those cheesy and saucy appetizers that come out to the table this time of year. While I think it's completely healthy to take a little breather from our regular fitness routines during the holidays, I also know that we'll all be suffering come January 1 if we take the next 2 weeks off from breaking a sweat. I know a lot of studios close for a few days over the holidays and it can be SO easy to fall out of your fitness routine. Here are some of my tips for staying active over the holidays this year. Please share your own tips and tricks in the comments. 

1. GET OUTSIDE: This is always my favorite option for staying active any time of year. Take your family/dog/cat/whoever is hanging around for a walk around the neighborhood to get moving. When family feels overwhelming, politely excuse yourself for a walk to "stretch your legs" while taking a little mental health break at the same time. Load up the car and head to a park (bonus points if it's new to you, it's good for you to try new things!) for a hike. The best part about going for a hike is most parks will have multiple trails of varying difficulty so there should be something for everyone in your troop. 

2. HIIT @ HOME: Here is how to design an effective, sweaty HIIT workout of your own to do at home. Once you know this formula, you are golden to design your own quick and challenging workouts for those days when you just can't even think about leaving the house: 

Grab a mat, water, and some tunes.
Download a Tabata app with adjustable timed work and rest intervals. (I've been using Tabata Pro)
Build your workout:
     3:00 WARM UP (jogging in place, squats, arms circles, jump rope, toe touches, etc) do these each for :30 for 3 minutes total. 
     Create a circuit of 4 series of exercises following this pattern:
       :30 high intensity  
       :30 high intensity
       :30 high intensity
       :60 low intensity (or core)
      Build in a 10 second rest break between work intervals to give yourself time to quickly transition to the next exercise. 
      Repeat the whole circuit for a  30 minute-ish HIIT workout. Here's an example of one series:
       :30 jumping jacks
       :30 mountain climbers
       :30 burpees
       :60 forearm plank

3. TRY A NEW CLASS: Just because your home studios might be closed doesn't mean there's not something going on around Christmas and New Year. Find a studio that is having class, or a community class, and try something new. Unless a class says specifically that it's not appropriate for beginners you'll be fine and you might just find a new workout to add to your routine in the new year. Have you always been interested in trying yoga? Go find a studio that's open and give it a shot!

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