Holiday Gift Guide 2015: top 3 fit gifts for anyone

Whether you're shopping for a runner, a Pilates body, a cyclist, a hiker, or that friend who just likes to walk their dog and people-watch at the market, here are my 3 favorites gifts for the active person on your list (guy or lady!):


smartwool socks.jpg

SmartWool socks are a splurge, making them the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who is too cheap to pay up to $20 for a pair of socks. Once you switch to wool socks you'll never want to wear cotton again. Wool keeps your feet dry from snow, slush, rain and foot sweat. Dry feet = fewer blisters = more time strutting around and less time complaining about raw, chaffing feet. I have both tall hiking socks and low running socks and I can't recommend them enough. 


Yep, the SPIbelt is basically a fanny pack for runners. I have worn a SPIbelt for every running workout and race that I've participated in over the last 5+ years. I actually wore 2 SPIbelts when I ran the Chicago Marathon back in 2013 - one in the front with my phone, mini aquaphor, and energy gel bites, the second on the small of my back and filled with Swedish Fish, ibuprofen and Benadryl (not kidding). I've also strapped on the belt to hold my phone and keys during dog walks when I don't have pockets - think wonder unders and other yoga pants.



The Vinyasa Scarf is the work horse of ladies scarves. Check out this video for all of the different ways to wear and style this baby. I have worn mine to and from Pilates and Spinning class, out on a hike,  as well as for every moment during my recent trip to New York. For the gentleman, this looks like a great option.

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