snack clean: energy bites

I must confess, I am a snack bar junkie. My favorite guilty pleasures are Clif Kids S'mores, Luna Bars in s'mores, iced oatmeal cookie, honey salted peanut, or lemon zest, and pretty much any flavor of Kind Bar. Any of these bars are MUCH better choices than my "if I could snack on anything without consequences" choice of peanut M&Ms and nacho cheese Doritos, but they do contain a significant amount of sugar and cost $$ when I'm eating one, or sometimes two, bars daily. Enter energy bites: rolled bites of nuts, seeds, fats/oils and spices that are full of tasty, portable energy. I whipped up a batch of Ella's Ultimate Energy Bites this past week and am a changed snacker. For 15 minutes of work tops - most of that time spent cleaning the food processor afterwards - I have 20 balls of mean, clean, protein and fiber filled energy. 

I'm looking forward to trying out these recipes soon: 

Coconut Peanut Butter Balls - The Forest Feast (via darling fig)
Dark Chocolate Cherry Energy Bites - Oh She Glows
Super Seed Chocolate Energy Bites - Oh She Glows
Raw Coconut and Cacao Bites - Deliciously Ella
Banana Bread Energy Bites - Deliciously Ella

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