"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" 
                  F. Scott Fitzgerald


I'm weak in the knees for anything and everything that F.S.F. says. I keep a post it in my wallet that has Fitzgerald and CS Lewis quotes scribbled on it, just in case Pinterest is down and I need a boost of middle-aged white guy wisdom to bring me out of a funk. If I were to take the above words and apply them to my current situation I would say that this fall my life started over again with me refusing to get out of bed on time. The cool air, warm blankets and the fact that the sun isn't even rising until after 7:30a has aided in me sleeping in an extra 30-60 minutes every day. So far nothing bad has happened, I haven't missed work or any appointments or anything, but I have prided myself on being a morning person and I'm losing my morning mojo. I don't AT ALL want to say goodbye to daylight savings time, but here's hoping that next months time change will get me back to my 5:30 am wake up warrior status. Until then.... COFFEE. 

Jen CraftComment