body scrub - warm cinnamon and vanilla

I find it powerfully therapeutic to settle in to a hot shower with an exfoliating body scrub. I visualize the healing and cleansing that is taking place in my lymphatic system as I massage my skin and slough off the dead and dry, revealing a fresh new undercoat. Up until this past winter I used a store bought coconut scrub that smells and feels great, but always left me wanting to experiment with my own oil and fragrance blends. This warming winter sugar scrub has become part of my weekly shower routine, along with a beverage of choice awaiting me on the bathroom windowsill - sometimes coffee, sometimes beer or wine. I keep my scrub is a wide mouth heavy duty glass jar and this recipe has made enough for a month's worth of weekly scrubs. I'm already playing with oil combinations in my mind for my next original blend - I'm thinking green tea, eucalyptus, or flowers (lilac, lavender, rose) maybe? 

Jen CraftComment