self titled

Today is the first day of fall. The chill in the air this morning along with the reality that we are nearing the forth and final season of this year (how already?!) was just enough to push me over the edge, take the plunge, and create a new space to think and be. Things might be a little sloppy and haphazard here at first, as all new things are, but I hope to find a rhythm to posting about my happening, thoughts, goals, and just life. By now I've started to come to terms with the fact that every single day is not going to go down in the books as being life changing, spectacular, or even worth reading about. But by now I've also discovered that every day doesn't have to be impressive to be important in the overall picture of my life. So to quote the great (albeit fictional) Don Draper, "make it simple but significant" will be my official mantra for this site.

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